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Important Information: Director ID's


It is a national requirement that all directors and alternate directors of Australian companies, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations, registered Australian bodies and registered foreign companies all apply for a DIN.


As we have previously communicated, Director Identification Numbers (DINs) have now being introduced in Australia to help prevent directors using fake identities and to combat any illegal phoenix activity.

Individuals who become a director between 1st November 2021 and 4th April 2022 are required to apply for a DIN within 28 days of their appointment. From 5th April 2022, directors will need to apply for their DIN prior to their appointment. If an individual was a director on or before 31st October 2021, they will need to apply for their director ID by 30th November 2022.

Unfortunately, we are unable to apply for a DIN on a director’s behalf. We are also unable to search for the number as it is currently kept confidential from anyone other than the director (as declared by the Treasury and the Australian Taxation Office). Therefore, once you have acquired a DIN, we ask that you please send it through to us so that we are able to record these details for you on our internal database.

Information regarding applying for a DIN can be found here

If you require any assistance in how to go about applying for a Director Identification Number, please don’t hesitate to contact Gracen Jones at our office and she will be able to talk you through the three options to applying.

1. Online: a two step process.
2. By phone: you will require an Australian Tax File Number and two forms of identity.
3. By mail: you will need to download and print the form, complete and return to the registry with certified copies of two identity documents.