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Newsletter - October 2023

Welcome to the NCS Group client information newsletter, your monthly tax and super update keeping you on top of the issues, news and changes you need to know.

  • How to reduce your income tax bill using superannuation
    Did you know you can reduce your income tax by making a large personal tax-deductible contribution from your take-home pay to your super?
  • Changes to unfair contract terms laws
    What businesses need to know.
  • Property developers - and would be ones - beware!
    For property developers (or would-be property developers) a recent decision of the Federal Court may be of interest.
  • Small business skills and training boost
    Looking to boost your employees' skills and your tax deductions at the same time?
  • Don't overlook the CGT small business roll-over concession
    The CGT small business concessions are invaluable to those who make a capital gain from a gain entirely; they can reduce a gain; and they can allow for the gain to be CGT-free if paid into a superannuation fund.
  • Are you eligible to make a personal deductible contribution?
    Personal deductible contributions can allow individuals to claim a tax deduction for contributions they have made to superannuation provided they meet certain requirements. So what are these requirements and what should you look out for?

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