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Newsletter - November 2023

Welcome to the NCS Group client information newsletter, your monthly tax and super update keeping you on top of the issues, news and changes you need to know.

  • Who can I nominate as my super beneficiary?
    Your superannuation death benefits must be paid to someone when you die. That somebody will usually be your estate or your nominated beneficiary (also known as your dependents).
  • Who is a resident for tax purposes?
    A person's residency for tax purposes can be one of the most difficult issues to determine in Australian tax law. And it is not a question of whether a person is a 'citizen' of Australia.
  • When two bonuses are not enough ... Introducing the Energy Incentive!
    If you've been putting off upgrading the inefficient office air-conditioner, a new 20% bonus deduction might just be the incentive you need to help beat the heat before it arrives with a vengeance!
  • Qualifying as an interdependent or financial dependent
    A question that often gets asked when dealing with death benefit nominations is whether a person will qualify under the interdependency or financial dependency definitions.
  • How to nominate a superannuation beneficiary
    There are many types of nominations offered by different funds. Knowing which one suits your circumstances is key to ensure your superannuation ends up in the right hands.

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