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We take an holistic view of your personal and business objectives and aspirations helping you design the future. Our team’s culture emphasises a relentless pursuit of excellence, with accuracy and professionalism all with a human touch.

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Accounting & Taxation

Income Tax, Company Reporting, GST & BAS, Payroll Tax, Superannuation and a raft of other government reporting creates a headache for most business owners. Taking away the “compliance burden” is what we do – on time and on a “no surprise” basis. Our services include:

Self Managed Superannuation Funds

As a Trustee of a Self Managed Superannuation Fund, your legal responsibilities are vast. Compliance issues pose a huge burden on Trustees and not managed correctly, could potentially risk the Fund’s assets to significant penalties.

We ensure the compliance headaches go away by supporting the fund by providing ongoing administration and reporting, including:

We do not provide Financial Planning services (nor provide advice on asset selections for your Fund). We believe a Tax Advisor’s role here is to “stress test” advice provided by Planners from a taxation perspective giving you confidence that you have the very best advice from both the product seller and the tax advisor.

We have relationships with many service professionals and would be happy to introduce you to any of our financial planner panel members should you need advice of this nature.


Our services represent a cost effective way to ensure your bookkeeping is outsourced to real accountants who get it right first time – every time.

Strategic Business Advisory

Strategic Business Advice is all about understanding your growth potential and in particular the key drivers of your business to enable future growth. In particular:

From years of experience advising SME’s and professionals (as well as personal experience growing our own practice!!), we take the time to understand the activities in your business that can be changed now to grow and improve your business in the future.

Banking & Finance

Our banking experience is substantial. We help you sort through the maze of what is banking in Australia, and importantly, become your “private advisor” when negotiating with financial providers – both current and future bankers. You can rest assured, we are your independent advisors... not brokers tied to banks and the commissions they pay.

Our Banking & Finance services assist clients through:

Company Secretarial

We make the compliance and directors’ responsibilities go away by:

Owners Corporation Audits

Benefits of having your Owners Corporation's Financial Report Audited Annually

1. Protections of owners

The audit is an opportunity to ensure that those entrusted with the smooth operation of the Owners Corporation are delivering that service; specifically, it provides an independent review of the financial transactions of the Owners Corporation by the Registered Manager.

2. Insurance

The process is insurance by owners that all is well with the financial administration of the owners corporation, it is no good some years after the event discovering a problem that could have been corrected, or losing any opportunity to properly deal with a current situation or opportunity. Further, the actual insurance policies in place on the assets of the Owners Corporation are reviewed as part of the process to determine that appropriate level of cover is in place.

3. Looking over the shoulder

When a Registered Manager knows their work will be independently reviewed, it results in higher quality outcomes for the owners. When one knows that an independent 'someone is looking over their shoulder' a different management culture is established within the Registered Manager.

4. Accuracy and completeness

The accuracy and completeness of records is ensured and the best possible financial administration results when a periodic audit is undertaken.

5. Improved service from the Registered Manger

The management service is improved to the client via the audit process assisting in suggesting ways in which the internal processes of the Registered Manager can be improved. These improvements are good for the Registered Manager's clients.

What does an auditor do to ascertain the financial report is free from any material misstatement?

Examples of what auditors discover

1. Building Underinsured - the insurance coverage may be inadequate when compared to a recent independent valuation of the building. Adequate insurance is a major cause for concern and an audit can reassure owners that the policy is reviewed independently for appropriateness.

2. Recent Valuation - the Owners Corporation is required by legislation to have an independent valuation of the building at least every five years. The auditor will bring this requirement to the attention of the Registered Manager to ensure that this requirement is met.

3. Double Paid Expenses - contractor expenses when reviewed can often reveal an overpayment of invoices issued twice or overcharged amounts in excess of the agreed quote for the job.

4. Unclaimed Insurance items - often the expenses that may be legitimately claimed under insurance claims have not all been claimed. Uncovering these items and receiving the resulting insurance refund results in a cash windfall for the Owners Corporation often in excess of the entire audit fee for the year.

5. Unclaimed GST - if the Owners Corporation is registered for GST our audit program often uncovers GST unclaimed on various expenses throughout the year. The audit reassures the owners that they are receiving all the GST credits to which the Owners Corporation is entitled to receive.

6. Owners Corporation in deficit - the Owners Corporation may be in a deficit position in which it cannot fund ongoing expenses. The auditor will always produce a letter to the owners in this case to ensure that the Owners Corporation can continue to operate as a going concern. Failure to do this will place the Owners Corporation in contravention of relevant legislation.

The team at NCS Group Chartered Accountants have been involved in the audit of Owners Corporations for over 10 years. During this time, we have developed systems and processes that enable us to provide a comprehensive audit that is also cost effective. We undertake all audits with your needs and requirements in mind.

At NCS Group Chartered Accountants our audits are not performed by staff that are straight out of university, all our staff are qualified Chartered Accountants that have relevant experience in the industry. This ensures a high level of knowledge, expertise and standard of work that is always associated with the NCS Group Chartered Accountants brand.

If you are a registered manager and would like comfort when setting budgets as well as the ability to provide assurance to your clients regarding the management of their funds or would like to give yourself a competitive advantage over other managers or if you're a committee member/lot owner of an owners corporation and would like comfort in knowing that the owners corporation's finances are being managed correctly please contact Michael Burhala from our office to discuss your individual needs on (03) 9850 8052.

Succession Planning.

Succession planning is not only the concern of business owners looking to sell their business, it applies to businesses with key personnel crucial to the ongoing viability of that business.

Accordingly, each business needs a plan to cover off the risk of loss of key employees as well as the future sale of the business internally or to external markets.

We assist decision making around numerous issues, in particular:

Business Mentoring

With over 30 years’ experience in assisting large and small business growth, we are well placed to act as a trusted mentor (or “sounding board”) to company directors and executives.

This is of particular importance to family businesses where crucial decisions are required notwithstanding potential conflict within the family group.

Our independence allows us to cut through the complexities involved in running family businesses.

Other Professional Services / Networking Opportunities

In order to provide an all encompassing financial, legal and wealth creation offering to our clients, NCS has a network of relationships with some of the most highly skilled and acknowledged professionals in their field.

These networks are in areas where we are either not qualified to advise, or choose not to advise to ensure we maintain credibility and professionalism in providing services to our clients.

We constantly refer clients to our panel (at least 2 or 3 in each area most suited to our client) of leading professionals in their field involving:

Additionally, at NCS we too are in the business of growing our practice, so we are well placed (by experience!) to refer clients to other businesses which we have dealt with and are happy to recommend in fields such as:


We also encourage our clients to network amongst each other in order that they can deal with trusted product and service providers, as well as improve their ability to do business outside their usual networks.

To facilitate this, and provide some value add to our clients, we are pleased to showcase on our web site, any of our clients who are happy to have this sort of exposure for their business.

We wish to emphasise, referrals of clients of NCS to our professional partners are not subject to financial commissions or other "rewards" for the referred business. We use these networks because we know and trust the provider and are assured they will do the very best work for our client. In most cases, our professional relationship has been in place for many years.

Additionally, and most importantly to us, we can then act independently on behalf of our client knowing that any potential areas of conflict are being separately and professionally dealt with for the overall benefit of the client.